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    Privacy Policy : 

    With the changeover change from a paid app to a freemium (free with paid unlocking of premium content) app there were some necessary changes to the privacy policy ! : 
    In app purchasing necessitates certain data to be collected to function. Trinagon itself (the code and app) does still only locally store your personal achievements and data entered. None is used for any other purpose, or leaves your device.

    The functionality of In-app-purchasing howerver does require a separate Privacy policy that can be read below here when the in-app-purchasing functionality is integrated in the game. 

    Concerning all the apps / Trinagon editions  on IOS & Android (Apple Store & Google Play Store) named 

    "Trinagon 3D", "Trinagon 3Df" (unpublished),  as well as the older 'Trinagon MonoIco' (Single Icosahedron puzzle).

    With the Freemium Version of Trinagon soon to be published the Dataprotection now is updated to Unitys basic In-App-Purchase & Analytics minimum.
    You can have a look at the survey details here  :

    The Opt out (of data collection) Button is displayed as the game starts.

    Except on Ios 14.5 and higher : Apple demands to display a popup asking for your tracking choice. This choice is displayed only when you choose to watch an ad. Before that, tracking is simply switched off. So, as long as you do not watch any ads, you do not need to bother thinking about tracking. The game tracks the least amount possible for its basic functionality.


    Question : What data is collected (by the game 'Trinagon xx") and how is it used ? 

    Answer : The game itself does not need any personal data of it's users.  So it doesn't collect or use any data. 
    The In-App-Purchasing however needs to interact with the AppStores/ PlayStores etc Other-Stores to make buying puzzlepacks possible. This is a personal exchange of values after all, necessitating personal data.

    The game engine (Unity) that trinagon is made with also requires Unity Analytics to be active if In-App-Purchasing is used.
    How what data is collected & used can all be read in

    Unitys very own privacy policy. Please read further there.

    There is also an 'opting-out' option (provided in the game). Feel free (advisably) to opt out of as many options as possible. How much of that can be done without limiting In-App-Purchase functionality is to be seen. (not within the control of trinagon). You can always opt in partially again.

    Trinagon only needs your settings and your achievements, which are not personal, but game-related. They are stored on your device only.

    There are no ads served in the game. 


    More about trinagons standard payment / data philosophy / general privacy policy and data use below :

    Why no data collection / no ads / no strings attached ?

    Data is amongst the most valuable / profitable assets nowadays. Personal & private data can be used in ways that make their actual owner (the person) pay manyfold and dearly.
    To see this is not very difficult. All you need to do, is look for the most valuable companies in the world. Their value does not come from actually being 'free', because if they were they wouldn't exist.
    The personal loss of value is not so easily seen. It come from being led through your 'free' life around the nose, into behaviours and actions that someone else will profit from. This profit comes indirectly from you. You are made into a product and a sheep at the same time, if you choose to let it be so.

    The dream to redefine the word 'free' and 'paid' on the internet :

    An app or service that claims to be free  has to meet these conditions : 

    • It has to cost nothing, obviously.
    • It does not lead automatically to a 'subscription' after a trial peroid.
    • It does not try to trick the user into spending money on other apps or services. I.e. no advertising.
    • It does not have in-app purchases that make the 'free' version factually really expensive, when used to the normal extend. A simple in-app - upgrade to a paid / full version is absolutely acceptable though.
    • It does not collect any other valuables from the user. This specifically includes user data, either personal (extremly valuable) or semi - personal (behavious analysis) where a specific users behaviour is tracked across platforms & systems, which can be linked. 
      Only data that is necessary or given on purpose by the user in order to use the app, may be stored & used. Only analysis of generalised (not user-specific) data is acceptable. E.g. where does an app crash and why, is relevant to all, but does not need to include user data.
      There is no trailing of users data across devices and apps allowed.

    The above Trinagon apps using the term free are actually really free ! and can uphold that claim. 
    Pretty much hardly any app or service nowadays that claims to be free can fulfill the above conditions. It is your choice to use them wisely.

    An app or service that is paid, has to also meet some conditions :

    • The cost may only be the agreed upon exchange of value. I.e. the 'price'.
    • Any in-app purchases that still come on top of that fter having bought the product need to be known in advance. They may not hide within the usual smallprint, but have to be simply and clearly stated at the time of purchase.
    • They may not collect any user data that is not obviously part of the service.
    • They may not use this data in any way that is not part of the paid service itself. No third parties may be given access to this data. Not even the same party (the product seller)  may use this data for any of their other products, unless the user specifically wishes so ! (like a newsletter).

    In general, 'agreements'  have to  work the other way around. A user has to subscribe on purpose instead of only agreeing to be signed up (even if opting out is possible).

    This is exactly what all paid versions / editions of trinagon will uphold.

    What you pay, is what you get. What you are given for free is free.

    Hopefully this or a similar definition of 'paid' and 'free' will become standard on the internet, so that normal users do not have to read through 20 pages of legal text to use a supposedly 'free' service anymore. Noone reads those but automatically agrees to be ripped of. 

    Last update : 14.12.2019


    This web-site currently has user tracking disabled, and retains minimal statistics only. A tool for this option across the internet can be found here :

    All Trinagon Editions by Lucas Pradlwarter, Innsbruck, Austria,
    All rights reserved 2018

    Trinagon was invented, created & developed by Lucas Pradlwarter. Innsbruck. Austria.
    Trinagon is a registered trademark ® 2019 in his name.
    All copyrights (contents & pictures) unless otherwise stated directly on site, belong to him as well.
    The material, except the game software, on this site may be shared for strictly non commercial purposes under the following conditions :
    • you must give appropiate credit. i.e. link or somesuch.
    • without making it seem like you are endorsed or connected to trinagon.
    • and you may not apply any further legal restricions than these on the content.
    That being said. You may read the lincense that applies to all non downloadable content on : license.
    The Game & Software is protected by copyright and may not be redistributed or copied without lucas' consent. All rights are reserved.

    The Free Game edition may be freely copied & distributed on a non-commercial basis. (well. Just share the link, but you can store it on a USB and give it to someone ..)
    It may not be altered in any way, and no further legal restrictions may be applied. The copyright remains with Lucas.
    To contact Lucas for any purpose you can enter the forum. His username is Lumpazy.
    Email contact is possible, but there are only 24 hours in a day. You can email lucas at lumpazy at this-domain.

    In any email contact please do include clearly your purpose for emailing. 
    E.g. 'Free Edition for schools - my-school-name '.

    The reality of spam in 2019 unfortunately does cast long shadows, and without clear headers your email may be automatically marked as spam and deleted without being processed.


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    Consent :

    By using our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms.

    Updates :

    Should we update, amend or make any changes to this document, those changes will be prominently posted here.

    Trinagon does here, and without all the long and windy legal proclamations that are commonly thrown at end users, which never ever have been read by any of us, tell you how your data and your use of this site will be handled.
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    When registering your emailadress will be stored together with your username. The emailadress is necessary for the purpose of forum interactions with the site (login, password reset etc), and not shown to other users. ((by us. If you post it, it will naturally show :))

    Your consent to enter the forum (under any alias) is given by your registration. Deleting your account is an option. Your posts & comments you should then automatically be assigned to anonymous (i think :) ), because simply deleting them could break the forum. If you wish to delete comments, you need to do so before you delete your account.
    Be aware that deleting your account cannot be undone !
    Ba aware also that your emailaddress cannot be registered with the forum ever again.
    In case you have a registered or pro/full game edition, sharing your content in the forum will need a new emailaddress linked to your user account.
    Spam protections may give some normal people trouble when signing up or posting. Email the admin (see impressum) to help.
    ReCaptcha needed to be added to the registration and to the first 5 posts on the forum. The bots found the site earlier than anyone else ! 
    Newsletter : (- The Newsletteris currently offline )
    Only if you do sign up for the newsletter (separately), will you receive occasional newsletters. You may opt out anytime by simple unsubscribing. The link will come with every newsletter - at the bottom. (This service is not yet implemented by the way).
    The Newsletter will not be connected to your user profile ! That is, anyone can sign up with any (other) emailadress and receive it (after confirming the address).

    Data Collectors :
    We have decided to NOT use even Google Analytics (like everyone normally does), so no user data is collected by simply using this site. 
    Google Analytics and similars are usually pretty harmless individually, since they (should) only collect non-personalised date, and therefore the data collected is not linked up for user profiling (you).
    Overall it still impacts our life / society, and may have unwanted side effects but also has positive ones.
    If we decide to use non personalised data collection, with the purpose to analyse the performance of this site, we'll let you know right here.
    As soon as the newsletter is on and will include reCaptcha spam protection there is an automated linkup to googles datacollection servers, which is (here) solely used to  keep bots out. 
    Same goes for the forum.
    General Cookies :
    Cookies that are necessary for running joomla & the kunena forum and are part of the system, are used. They ensure site functionality. By using the site you consent to this cookie policy.
    This site is not using Google trackers or similar at all. This is the reason you do not have to click away the annoying 'we use cookies' message when you visit.

    In time we may update this text to include all the legal worings typically in use ... or not.
    ® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019