Site Data Protection

    Trinagon does here, and without all the long and windy legal proclamations that are commonly thrown at end users, which never ever have been read by any of us, tell you how your data and your use of this site will be handled.
    Registering for the Forum and the Community : (- Forum & Newsletter are currently offline )
    When registering your emailadress will be stored together with your username. The emailadress is necessary for the purpose of forum interactions with the site (login, password reset etc), and not shown to other users. ((by us. If you post it, it will naturally show :))

    Your consent to enter the forum (under any alias) is given by your registration. Deleting your account is an option. Your posts & comments you should then automatically be assigned to anonymous (i think :) ), because simply deleting them could break the forum. If you wish to delete comments, you need to do so before you delete your account.
    Be aware that deleting your account cannot be undone !
    Ba aware also that your emailaddress cannot be registered with the forum ever again.
    In case you have a registered or pro/full game edition, sharing your content in the forum will need a new emailaddress linked to your user account.
    Spam protections may give some normal people trouble when signing up or posting. Email the admin (see impressum) to help.
    ReCaptcha needed to be added to the registration and to the first 5 posts on the forum. The bots found the site earlier than anyone else ! 
    Newsletter : (- The Newsletteris currently offline )
    Only if you do sign up for the newsletter (separately), will you receive occasional newsletters. You may opt out anytime by simple unsubscribing. The link will come with every newsletter - at the bottom. (This service is not yet implemented by the way).
    The Newsletter will not be connected to your user profile ! That is, anyone can sign up with any (other) emailadress and receive it (after confirming the address).

    Data Collectors :
    We have decided to NOT use even Google Analytics (like everyone normally does), so no user data is collected by simply using this site. 
    Google Analytics and similars are usually pretty harmless individually, since they (should) only collect non-personalised date, and therefore the data collected is not linked up for user profiling (you).
    Overall it still impacts our life / society, and may have unwanted side effects but also has positive ones.
    If we decide to use non personalised data collection, with the purpose to analyse the performance of this site, we'll let you know right here.
    As soon as the newsletter is on and will include reCaptcha spam protection there is an automated linkup to googles datacollection servers, which is (here) solely used to  keep bots out. 
    Same goes for the forum.
    General Cookies :
    Cookies that are necessary for running joomla & the kunena forum and are part of the system, are used. They ensure site functionality. By using the site you consent to this cookie policy.
    This site is not using Google trackers or similar at all. This is the reason you do not have to click away the annoying 'we use cookies' message when you visit.

    In time we may update this text to include all the legal worings typically in use ... or not.
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