Thank you to

    Many indirect contributors have helped bring this vision along with tools & resources that make our life better, and maybe yours too.

    Here shall be named and linked (where possible & in no specific order) a few of them :

    • Blender ... Heavy (in ability and learning curve) 3D modeling and animation software. Open source ! 
      Special Thanks here to Andrew from Poliigon for the Tutorials. Makes learning something as freaky complicated as blender fun enough to follow through.

    • Visual Code alias VS Code  ... Coding text editor. Small nice and clean with a ton of options that do not get in your way. It's sooo nice to have an editor that shows you mistypes and automatically marks occurences of same words, or knows by itself how to comment something out. This tool makes coding pleasurably effective.
      Thanks to Kendra Havens :
      for the simple thumbs up and first baby steps with that great editor. I love it too.

    • Notepad++ ... clearly also great. Depends on the task.
    • JSTool ... Json-editing features for the two above editors.
    • Unity ... A free (at the beginning) tool to develop games with ! Very intelligent business idea. This makes it possible to start without much funds.
      You only have to work ... and try to figure out the zillion explanations (in the manual) that make perfect sense, ..when you already knew the answer !  Perfectly easy, once you know it. perfectly obscure if you're new.
      Fortunately there are some tutorials : 
    • Two Channels especially : 

      Brackeys - Delivers good info with enthusiasm and somehow is always smiling even as he's talking.
      It's a breeze watching and learning from the guy, never boring, never too fast, always on target. Yay !
      Thumbs up too for showing this extremely useful app : UnityRemote5 ! Yes it's in the MANUAL ! but did i find i there. Nope... because i did not know that i could look for it, since it's an 'advanced topic'. Hmmmm really ?!

      Apptly Creative Academy - Thanks for the Tutorial on persistent Scriptable Objects. The hat rocks !

    • Geogebra ... a free tool that can make mathematics and their 3D (or 2D) represantations a breeze. Visualising and constructing models not from the artistic, but from the mathematical viewpoint really is great with this software. Schools use it, and you can too. A very pleasant surprise to have the simplicity of vector calculus revealed on screen. With only very basic features much can be done already.
      Could we please reverse the update to Geogebra 6 ??  Geogebra 5 works sooo much better.

    • MathGV .. free open Source function plotting... 

    • Captura ... Record a video and snapshot of your work. Very useful, should you wish to make a youtube-tutorial onsolving trinagon puzzles :):)

    • Cake PHP ... Web-app programming framework using php. It's main credo "convention over configuration" can obscure meaning behind conventions sometimes too, but once you get used to think in the box as much as you (i) can, it works like a charm.
    • Joomla ... This Website is build with it. Thank you anyone, who ever contributed to it.
    • JDownloads extension for Joomla. Only a small part of it is needed on this site. It works like a charm though.

    • Free Music Archive ... Music that can be used for free.
      But yes, i paid (donated), and here are my favourite FMA composers and their music : 
      Alan Spiljak ... three of his titles were used in the free game, maybe check out Kai Engel there too, but there are many other good ones (and not so great ones). Unfortunately Alan cannot be reached for a proper license and no other music has yet presented itself. Therefore, just play your own music :)

    There are many many more resources that went into learning how to program a game like trinagon, and they will show up once the've been found or remembered :)

    Thank you to all contributors of codes, which i could just copy online (yes, with the approbiate license) and work from. Thanks to all, who can and do make code examples answer to the point. That is great skill. I try and do so on the occasion myself.



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