Difficulty Ratings

    Trinagon puzzles are still uncharted area !

    They depend on a mix of many variables, and even though they can be systematically distinguished (as the puzzle filter does for you), there is no system (yet?) that can tell how hard it is to solve a specific puzzle.

    As a consequence :

    • You'll not find puzzles simply progressing from easy to harder with increasing numbers, as you would expect in a typical puzzle game.
    • There are no clear rules on how to rate a puzzle. Existing difficulty levels are guesswork and personal opinion, mostly.
    • Many puzzles are still unrated.
    • There is not yet an upper limit on how difficult a puzzle can be ! 
    • The numbers that puzzles are given upon creation is random ! Also their creation date is used for further distinctions.

    When creating a new puzzle it's not even necessarily clear if the intended endposition is even possible !
    No distinguishable skills or movesets have yet been identified, that would be used in solving a specific level, which then could be used to understand more of its difficulty rating.

    So far the following estimations are in use :

    • Color-Only puzzles are rated below 10. 
    • Facemarkers (only) can push that limit up (to 20 or 30 mostly, or even more), but only if Rotationtypes above 3 are used.
    • Directionmarkers (only) will have a similar effect, but wioth those two it very much depends on the mix in positions and colors.
    • When mixing things up it gets extremely difficult to find a rating. The puzzle may still be easy, or it could be near impossible to solve with the same basic elements used. It all depends on the setup.

    There are some puzzles (for example puzzles nr. 885453, 885454 & 885455 ), which only use the simplest rotationtype and only a few moves can solve them (16 or 25 moves), but they are rather hard !

    One way to get a basic idea of a puzzles difficulty is to look at the # of moves used to create a puzzle. Usually it's easier to solve a puzzle than to create one, since it's not always clear if the solution even exists. As a basic guideline it does serve though.

    As of 2019, the puzzle filter is the only way to distinguish between puzzles.

    The filter does already make it possible to find those puzzles you feel like solving, which very much depends on your taste.

    It shall be improved upon as well. For example sorting options will be added.

    If anyone has a genius idea on how to calculate a clean difficulty rating, let it be known in the forum :)

    For a while, since trinagon is still in its baby stage, difficulty ratings that appear in the game, are just an estimated value given by the creator of each puzzle.

    With solutions getting uploaded to the server by different players, the difficulty rating displayed on the homepage will be calculated from the relation between average moves to the best moves.
    Clearly also this approach will never be precise. Time will show.

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