What is Trinagon ?

    A puzzle, a game, a challenge, a system, a tool ? .. Probably :)

    A puzzle to engage your mind into new ways of thinking, from baby steps to giant leaps,

    A game to immerse yourself in and enjoy playing, there is no losing. 

    A challenge to grow and learn, to train your mind, a challenge to yourself to find different approaches to solutions, a challenge for others to solve a puzzle you created.

    A system of puzzle setups, on many base playgrounds (2D, 3D) with varying difficulties, from easy to highly complex.

    A tool to see 3 dimensional spatial relations, positions & movements, and thereby understand what may have been outside of your scope.

    Maybe a path leading from diversion into clarity, and a quiet focused mind ... who knows ??

    One thing it strives to be : FUN.

    PS : Tri - na - gon pronunciation :
    Tri as in 'Trinity',
    na - as in 'nothing' or 'now', it's still an 'a' like in 'father' but shorter,
    gon - as in gone. 


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