Change the look and feel of the game. Your game environment needs only the elements you want to use ..
    Triangle Type :
    There are 4 triangle versions
    • Ed : Edgy. very old style triangle with sharper edges. The markers are shaped with 12 edges.
    • RoF : Round and Flat. The triangle is thin and flat as if it were cut from a cardboard. The markers are painted on with a black rim.
    • Roe : Round and Edgy. A mariiage between the last two. Flat triangle and cornered markers.
    • & Std : Soft and flatish and all rounded. The Standard triangle.
    The reason behind these choices is simply 'taste' & the very different GPU processing power necessary for the animated graphics. The Standard triangle needs about 20 times more than the other ones.
    The Symmetry lines, which determine triangle movements can be ..
    • Off : .. switched off completely 
    • Ghst : .. ghosted. That is, they have a shadow, but are otherwise invisible.
    • Trsp : .. transparent. They are visible themselves without shadows.
    • Full : .. fully visible with shadows.
    The Skeoboard option gives the playground a fidget of reality, a base like you would have in a normal real boardgame. Look up the term 'skeomorphism', if you find the name a bit strange.
    Shadows : can be switched on or off. They are more pronounced from a closer viewpoint.
    If your system has little graphics power you might want to switch shadows off. They do give a clearer 3-dimensional impression though.
    RType Indicator : Each rotationtype (see Game Basics) is assigned a different color in a mixed-rotations puzzle. The indicator shows which color is which type. 
    In a 'uniform rotation' type puzzle the rotators are colored to suit the appearance of the puzzle. 
    Competition Mode needs to be switched on for competition play. It has a variety of consequences and will only be needed later, when the registered edition is released.
    And finally the Music Player : 
    The music delivered with the free edition is composed by Alan Spiljak and released for free on the free music archive. There is a rare clarity and peace in this music, which is why it was chosen for trinagon.
    Unfortunately Alan is not reachable to purchase a copy for the (paid) Base edition.
    Only three titles are shipped with the game, because of the size (half the download).
    ® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019