GamePlay Controls

    The gameplay 3D - controls have been designed carefully, to give you the possibility to change & tweak it to your preferences.
    It may therefore also need tweaking, but to tweak somehting, you have to understand it first :)

    Play moves (triangle permutations) :

    • Clockwise rotation : Either Tap on, or drag from the rotator to the right.
    • Counter-Clockwise rotation : hold a finger down somewhere and tap, or drag left from the rotator.
    • Double Taps are optional. See below.

    Maybe check out the Cheatsheets for a quick reference. 

    3D board movement actions  :

    • "Roll - A - Ball" rotation of the board :
      - On the background, single finger drag  or left mouse drag.
      The drag direction will roll the board as though you would have a ball suspended in midair rolling with your drag-direction. This is position-independent ! i.e. the direction is important, not the location of the mouse/finger.
      This is the standard behaviour. 
    • "Line of sight" rotation of the board :
      The board changes orientation around an axis from you to the center. That is, it rolls sideways.
      - Mouse : Right mouse drag, around the center of the board.
      - Touch : 2-Finger touch, with fingers distanced. The finger that moves is dragging the board around the center !
      The distance that is needed to switch this movement on can be set in the 'Controls' menu : "2-Touch Switch Distance".

    • Zoom In / Out  
      - Mouse : Scroll wheel as usual in any app
      - Touch : 2 finger pinch as usual. The distance between the 2 fingers has to be close enough. Also set this in "2-Touch Switch Distance".

    Double Tap On or Off  ? :

    Double Tap OFF means that tapping / clicking  twice or triple will executed two or three moves immediately & therefore more efficiently. (my personal preference)

    • Mouse : For mouse gameplay you have the right mouse button as the most effective counterclockwise move.
    • Touch : Double tap is mimicked, by a "hold &  tap" : touch anywhere on the background and tap a rotator to immediately execute a counter-clockwise move.

    Note that the double taps are always working on the interface !  


    Double Tap ON :  This makes moves a bit slower. You have to wait until a single tap cannot become a double tap anymore.
    If you do not like mnaking two or three moves in a row this may be your choice.

    When double tap is ON and you tap / click on two different rotators, the first will execute the move immediately, since it obviously must be a single tap.
    Similarly, once you double tapped on a rotator it won't wait - for a third tap - anymore, and execute the move.
    So, speedplay is still possible, except for consecutive clockwise moves.

    Choice no° 3 :  All the drag moves are timing-independent.
    They are always a good option, and very convienient to play with, and can be set just right for you in the controls-menu.

    Remark for Mixed Touch Devices : 
    Please note that touchscreen controls are only available on mobiles and tablets. 
    I.e. if you are playing on a notebook that uses the standalone install, the touchscreen options are not even part of the game.
    The touchscreen will mimic mouse behaviour on your system instead. If ever there is a demand for being able to change this yourself, please tell lumpazy to make this possible. 

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