Puzzles for Curious Minds


    NEWS :

    There is a big Game update as of 22.03.2020 on IOS & soon on Android.*

    Many pictures & Infos are currently about the last version of the game !
    Update in progress :) 

    Fortunately the new update explains itself well enough.

    During the current crisis the game is available for half price. 
    It will keep your mind active and healty for a very long time  :) !

    Stay healty, stay sane !  

    (*) The version 2.4000 has a bug in the menu of the Icosahedron.
    Please update to 2.4001 as soon as the update is on the stores

    As you loose yourself in brain jogging, do not forget that your body & spirit need some attention too !!!


    The proper 3D - version with 400+ puzzles is now in the Stores & ready to play ! :

    This above puzzle is maybe not one you want to start with :)
    The puzzles in the free and normal Triangon - 3D editions start easier. Promise !

    Trinagon is a permutation puzzle game & game system.

    A puzzle system, because not just one single permutation puzzle can be played and solved over and over again, like the rubiks cube (which is great, by the way),
    but many different puzzles on many different playgrounds / surfaces can be created and played.

    The basic playground, where you can learn the principles of trinagon is a hexagon, divided into triangles. Read more ...

    Feel free to explore the game first (by downloading and playing the free puzzles) or read up on the details, features, handling, menu options, layout, development, updates, other trinagon playgrounds under construction,  past and future etc ... of the game on this site.

    If you have questions (or answers :) ), ask them at the trinagon facebook page, or send lumpazy an email  (at least until  the curious-minds-forum is going live) 



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