Controls Menu

    Trinagon allows for different preferences of gameplay and handling.
    You may like to have faster or slower animations or even switch them off ?
    You prefer to have the playground fixed.
    You are a fast player and want to use the mouse for double and triple moves quickly.
    All these you can set in the 'Controls' menu  :
    • Animationspeed :
      Depending on your hardware the speed will vary. To learn the game it's often better to start slower. Then you will get a better grasp of the different rotationtypes.

    • Drag Distance for Moves :
      Drag moves are done by dragging left or right from a rotator. With a small distance setting more moves will happen within a shorter drag. Your input device and screen size will influence how the drag moves work for you. 

    • Board Drag Sensitivity :
      Here you can change the turning speed of the playground. The 3D puzzles can only be played when turning the puzzle in 3D for different views.
      Also very hardware dependent, and also a setting that everyone likes different. 

    • Local Axis Roll : (phased out i n the latest release. If you want it back, tell us)
      There are two ways of turning the puzzle in space.
      The default rolls it always as if you'd swipe over the puzzle with your flat hand.
      The local axis roll will rotate the puzzle around its z-axis when swiping left-right and will roll it around your transverse axis when swiping up-down. Depending on your (mouse / finger) position above or below the center and also depending on the direction of the puzzles z-axis towards or away from you this behaviour will adapt.

    • Static Board : The 2D puzzle remains in place. A double tap / right click will still center it.
      This has been also phased out in the latest release. It can be reactivated on the single sided puzzles if you ask for it :)

    • Double Click :
      Mouse only. with two mouse buttons the left can be the clockwise, and the right the counterclockwise rotation.
      For faster mouse gameplay switch this to 'Off'.

    • Double Tap Time :
      Faster gameplay with a touch device can be set here. Or you choose to use the drag moves.
      If you're used to touch playing you can achieve the same feel with the mouse, using these two settings.
      Also read up on these last two in the gameplay controls.

    • Competition :
      The competition mode changes a few behaviours (of the game and yours too :))
      You cannot take back moves, and moves that would be the reverse of the last also count as normal moves.
      Also shuffling is only allowed for randomized puzzles and if you shuffle the board actually resets to a specific shuffled position. This setting is left in the free version as well, purely for pratice purposes. It does help to become better at any game, when you cannot undo moves, just like it does in chess.

    These options will be used very differently from person to person. Find your best settings and enjoy the game !
    ® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019