Skill and genius points

    Unlocking new puzzles :

    You earn points (triangles, obviously:) ) when solving puzzles, depending on how many moves it took you to solve them.

    These points accumulate and unlock the harder puzzles, which ensures that you are ready to try them.
    Trinagon can be rather difficult, and our aim is to avoid frustration, as well as reward ingenious solutions.
    The point system should keep you below the level that you are ready for. 

    When a puzzle is made it has to be solved by its designer. How many moves he / she needed is stored and used for comparison.
    You get 

    • 1 Skill point, if your solution needs less than 170% of the creators moves,
    • 2 Sklii points, if you're below 126,7%
    • 3 Skill points below around 111 %
    • 1 Genius point for beating the creators solution,
    • 2 Genius points, if your solution beats the creators by about a quarter.

    Your skill level then is the skillpoints divided by 4, plus the genuis points.
    You can play all puzzles up to your level, but only 5 further than the last one solved.

    In the Game-Menu under 'Your Statistics' you can see how many puzzles of each polyhedron you have solved and how many points you earned there.

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