Polyhedra Puzzles

    This page needs to be updated for the newest release of Trinagon, which contains all the below Polyhedra and many more, and more to come.
    Until then, the old information is still valid :) 
    Trinagon puzzles can be set up on any shape, that consists of more-or-less equilateral triangles.
    Naturally the regular and convex shapes are the first that come to mind and the first that will be explored.

    'More or less' ? above means that ideally the surfaces (faces) should be regular triangles (60° each), but even if they are not, a regular triangle can still rest on  top of each.
    The rhombic dodecahedron (12-rhombi) below is one such example. 
    Trinagon playgrounds under construction (as of Jan 2019), there are more, but no pictures yet  :
    The Icosahedron :


    RhombicDodecahedron :


    The Icosahedron is completely regular, while the Rhombic Dodecahedron short 'RoDo'  (or its approximation here) is not. The Rodo therefore has gaps between the triangles and the symmetry lines, which does not interfere with gameplay. Playgrounds with bigger gaps between the edges and the triangles than 5° (i.e. bigger than in the 'Rodo') will not be used in the near future.
    There are quite a lot of polyhedra that will be great to build the game on !
    Tetrahedron (4 triangles) :
    tetrahedron small
     and the Octahedron (8 triangles) :
    octahedron small

    The small polyhedra (Tetra, Octa - hedra) have fewer triangles, and fewer patterns are possible.

    The gamemode will therefore include randomized puzzles. Like the rubiks cube : you mix up the original and find you way back.
    These puzzles are actually rather difficult. Playing them almost feels like you're mixing it up more than solving it .. Just like making a mistake in the last few steps of solving the rubiks cube.
    For example playing the tetrahedron, with every move you're changing 3 out of 4 existing triangles. You'll need to basically solve two positions parallel, and plan ahead on two closely linked tracks.
    Apllied symmetry - rules and really thinking (what if ..) ahead is needed. Queueing doesn't work anymore.

    All these minigames and also the bigger ones are already developed, but the details still need brushing up and many small features added. Release is planned towards the end of 2019.
    They will be part of the Base Edition, and naturally inculded in updates as well.
    Some 3D shapes will be release as their own minigame as a free edition too.

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