Beautiful Symmetries

The foundation of the trinagon system is symmetry.

Symmetry is too big a word to explore here.
It is found in nature, in mathematics, in 'chaos' and what we perceive as 'order', to name a few.
it is a principle that can give us insights into complex mechanics or processes, be they of the real (material, physical) or virtual (philosophical, social, mathematical ..) kind, without having to understand the exact workings of these.

And really just like that, we can enjoy symmetry. We can derive hypercomplex theories about them, or we can just ..

.. PLAY !

Dodecahedron0This is the game to give you that opportunity !

Trinagon is a permutation puzzle system.

Not just one puzzle, but many many puzzles that can be played on multiple playgrounds with miriad configurations / layouts / designs / patterns.

Symmetry has many many expressions :) Here you see another one.

Now, as of december 2019. with all the polyhedra in the game, and many clearly not so easy puzzles, finding the symetries is increasingly difficult.
Therefore, many of these puzzles have been designed using rogue play ! 
Once you find the perfect symetry, or partial symetries you will be able to solve them with a fraction of the original moves !


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