Make Your Own Puzzle

     The Puzzle editor :

    editor base

    The puzzle editor (included only in the pro edition) allows you to design any possible puzzle.
    To design the basic puzzle you 

    • choose / change the playground size (big or small)
    • choose to have only one rotation type or many,
      and assign the types to each in the latter case.
    • assign colors to the triangles (individually or all), the rotators, the direction and facemarkers, and also the borders.
    • & assign face and direction markers for all or each of the triangles, and change their orientation on the board.

    Then you can from there solve the puzzle yourself to its solved (end) position and thereby make the puzzle directional or you can leave it randomized.
    A few guidlines and remarks to help you with that :

    • The colors of the direction and facemarkers are valid for all triangles.
    • The face colors have to be different, otherwise they would not really distinguish the two faces.
    • The 'Direction only' marker gives you the option (which you may have just before thought about) to have both faces marked in the same color with the direction of the triangle being the important distingusihing feature.
      I.e. triangles with 'faces off' and 'directions on' will display that marker.
    • In a 'Uniform Rotations' puzzle all rotators are of the same type. Since this is clear in the puzzle the rotators are allowed to have different colors. You can mark them in any pattern you like. Maybe make the colors somehow relevant :).
      Choose the rotation type for the game by simple clicking on one of the numbered buttons around the board.
      • 1-6 are the rotations as you knwo them from playing. Number 7 is face conserving
      • Nr. 7 is conserving face i.e. what is up stays up, that is : random rotation 1,2 or 3.
      • Nr 8 flips the triangles always. I.e randomly chooses rotation 4,5, or 6.
      • Nr 9 randomly rotates from all possibilities.
      • There would also be 'forward', 'inward' and 'backwards' preserving as options, but they are not implemented (yet :) ).
        Use the random types only when applicable !! Puzzles could be created that rely on luck. Do not share those ! Your account may be suspended if you do.
      • As you click on the button, the 6 triangles on the upper left miniboard will show the associated rotation.
    • The 'Mixed Rotation' puzzles have clearly assigned colors for each rotation type. So every rotationtype can be distinguished as the puzzle is played !
      When in 'Mixed Rotations' mode every button has a different color.
    • To assign a color to a rotationtype, you choose the color first and then right click /double tap on the button of rotation-type. All rotators of that type will change color immediately.
    • the same process as assigning a color to a triangle or rotator can be used to leave an empty spot or deactivate a rotator. Simply choose the transparent (non-) color marked with an X in the color-choices.
      Then assign this to any triangle or rotator. it will still be visible in the editor as a transpparent triangle / ball, but in playmode it will be gone.
      The editor has a background because of this feature. Without it you would see the transparent triangles as grey.

    Remarks :

    • A directional puzzle has to be played to its end by yourself !
      This ensures that it is solvable and also helps as a guideline of difficulty. The number of moves to get there is saved.
      Usually it does take more moves to creat a puzzle than to solve it.
    • It is possible to save the puzzle and reopen it for changes until you decide to finalize it. 
      Finalizing the puzzle protects it from further changes.
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