value ?


    You may have realized that there are no ads on this site, nor does and will any version of Trinagon show you advertising when you are puzzling.
    In order to allow those players who cannot / or do not want to spend the money for all puzzles there will be an advertising strategy, which allows you to collect points which are used to unlock puzzles and playgrounds. This should not hinder your gameplay in any way.

    This game intends to create clarity of thought & focus. Instead of mindless entertainment, we wish for mindful entertainment. Our preference for anyone playing is to discover the game, and their ingeniousness solving the puzzles. Sometimes discovering may need a bit more time. So in order to allow a leisurely progress and a deeper peek into the game, without having to already pay for it all, the advertising system will be added. 
    Those who choose ads, have to choose them willingly. Then maybe the exchange of value becomes clearer.

    The real value in all this : The joy of applying your intelligence instead of mindless tapping on the screen. The joy of understanding and achieving something. Not even necessarily proving yourself against someone else, but proving yourself to you. There is a value, that cannot be paid or bought !


    We think this game is truly great, and we believe that we're selling it for much less than it can be worth to you.
    We believe that your gain from solving these puzzles by far outshines the money spent, and it's never paid in money anyways.
    It's value comes from effort and time and thinking. It is a value you create, and we thank you for it.
    Enjoy creating :)

    Updates & any further developement can not continue without your support (i.e. playing :):) ).


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