There are now three tutorials.

    • How to Play - Tutorial :
      Basic gameplay. The first baby steps when you are new to trinagon.
      Now shown on the Octahedron, because all the new 3D options make most sense on a 3D Playground.
      It should be impossible to play the normal game without getting through this :)  but it's not going to be boring.

    • Spin Tutorial :
      6 easy to medium difficult puzzles, all along the same principles with only 6 triangles to better see what each rotationtype is doing.
      To get through some of the harder puzzles, it may help to go here and clear up some details.
      Finish / play at your leisure : You can just click through the puzzles to get to the rotation type you want to practice (i.e. open tutorial)

    • Two Spins Turorial :
      When mixing rotationtypes previously unforseen things start to happen. The shortcomings of one type can be remedied by another. 
      When playing a mixed puzzle it is quite helpful to have an idea how, or how not :).
      You may notice that there are two more than would be expected. The reason for this will be cleared up in the Dyad & Triad Tutorials, which are not yet published, but tyou can start figuring in this tutorial already.
      Also open.

    There used to be two tactics tutorials, which have been shuffled back into the normal puzzles.
    So if you find a text description with strange sayings in between, the puzzle was probably in one of those :

    • Novice Puzzle Tutorial  (Line Dance Puzzles) :
      Learn the principles of solving trinagon puzzles. 
      Namely queuing, what-if, and sorting triangles into the center.

      You're not shown what to do, but solving these puzzles will teach you !
      Do feel free to stop the tutorial in between. You can get back to it anytime.
      Solve them perfect and you know you really got it !

    • Initiates Puzzle Tutorial (Strictly Ballroom Puzzles) :
      Initiates already know their stuff. Now they wnat to know more.
      This one is about shifting triangles from 3 sides at the same time, i.e symmetry patterning, and breaking symmetries when needed too.
      If you solve these in the minimum amount of moves you are already a suberb player !
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