Trinagon was invented, created & developed by Lucas Pradlwarter. Innsbruck. Austria.
    Trinagon is a registered trademark ® 2019 in his name.
    All copyrights (contents & pictures) unless otherwise stated directly on site, belong to him as well.
    The material, except the game software, on this site may be shared for strictly non commercial purposes under the following conditions :
    • you must give appropiate credit. i.e. link or somesuch.
    • without making it seem like you are endorsed or connected to trinagon.
    • and you may not apply any further legal restricions than these on the content.
    That being said. You may read the lincense that applies to all non downloadable content on : license.
    The Game & Software is protected by copyright and may not be redistributed or copied without lucas' consent. All rights are reserved.

    The Free Game edition may be freely copied & distributed on a non-commercial basis. (well. Just share the link, but you can store it on a USB and give it to someone ..)
    It may not be altered in any way, and no further legal restrictions may be applied. The copyright remains with Lucas.
    To contact Lucas for any purpose you can enter the forum. His username is Lumpazy.
    Email contact is possible, but there are only 24 hours in a day. You can email lucas at lumpazy at this-domain.

    In any email contact please do include clearly your purpose for emailing. 
    E.g. 'Free Edition for schools - my-school-name '.

    The reality of spam in 2019 unfortunately does cast long shadows, and without clear headers your email may be automatically marked as spam and deleted without being processed.

    ® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019