We don't know, what we don't know.
There are some really cool answers.
But do we have the right questions ?

Very very deep down somewhere in the inner workings of our being, we have assimilated the relationship between cause and effect as being one where cause comes before effect. Pretty much by definition.
Just the same, sometimes later  we see our life as questions that need answering. Work that needs to be done. There is first  the task and then the effort.

Let there be a question ! Give me an answer.
Clearly this makes perfect sense :)
But !
Where is the FUN IN THAT !
Sometimes beautiful circumstances come together, where we have answers, and only long after we find questions to use them for ! 
Sometimes the right ideas will find new problems, that they already have solved.
Trinagon was one such case, even in its creation, and it can be a place for this process to continue.
When playing you will realise sooner or later, that intuitively you will have answers to questions you did not even know where there to ask.
Questions may present themselves, for the answers you already have.

hex4310Trinagon can be played at any age, unless you're kept too busy in kindergarden, or too busy getting through school chores, you will learn to think in a way that does give you insights into questions that you never knew you could have.
Which ones will those be ? Let them surprise you, surprise yourself with the answers, surprise your friends, and enjoy the game.
Games are never chores. Lets keep it that way.

® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019