Trinagon (i.e. the Puzzle Game called Trinagon) was invented, created & developed by Lucas Pradlwarter. Innsbruck. Austria.
    Trinagon is a registered trademark ® since 2019 in his name.
    All copyrights (contents & pictures) unless otherwise stated directly on site, belong to him as well.
    The material on this homepage, except the game software, on this site may be shared for strictly non commercial purposes as follows :

    You are free to:

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    3. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

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    4. No additional restrictions
    That being said. You may read the lincense that applies to the content on, not including the software / app / game itself, and also not the Tokens associated with the puzzles.
    The Game & Software is protected by copyright and may not be redistributed or copied without Lucas' consent or if specifically granted for a particular Software / App Version. All rights are reserved.
    Token Owners License :
    Special License is granted to the Token Holders of 'The Trinagon Puzzle Collection' ! 

    That is :
    • The Owner of the Token (NFT) is given License to  the Use of Representations of the Puzzle (only this Puzzle. Not all Puzzles) that is tokenized / associated through the NFT for commercial purposes as long as said owner owns this Token. Upon Change of ownership this License is transferred as well and cannot be used anymore by the previous owner. All online media that were made under this License would have to either be destroyed / deleted or only be used non-commercially furthermore.
    • The Owner of the Token has the right (for a small fee) to be named as the owner of the associated puzzle. I.e the cosen Name (real or fictional) is then displayed In-Game to all players of Trinagon. Previous versions to 4.xx  cannot display ownership. The chosen name to be displayed may not infringe on or violate any other laws. The fee is also necessary to prove ownership, by transferring the fee from the wallet that holds the token.
    • The Owner of the Token can also ask (for an even smaller fee) to be named on this Domain as the owner wherever the associated puzzle is used. 
    • All copyrights of the game and representations of the Game & Associated arts & imagery, including all puzzles remain with Lucas. 
    Read up here on the Details of the Puzzle Collection !

    Trinagon Game Software :

    The Free Game Edition may be freely copied & distributed on a non-commercial basis. (well. Just share the link, but you can store it on a USB and give it to someone ..)
    It may not be altered in any way, and no further legal restrictions may be applied. The copyright remains with Lucas.
    To contact Lucas for any purpose you can send him a nice Email ..  Lumpazy@trinag..
    In any email contact please do include clearly your purpose for emailing in the Email-Header, otherwise it just may be automatically marked as spam, deleted & consequently never read.


    Trinagon is a permutation puzzle game & game system.

    A puzzle system, because not just one single permutation puzzle can be played and solved over and over again, like the rubiks cube (which is great, by the way),
    but many different puzzles on many different playgrounds / surfaces can be created and played.

    The basic playground, where you can learn the principles of trinagon is a hexagon, divided into triangles. Read more ...

    Feel free to explore the game first (by downloading and playing the free puzzles) or read up on the details, features, handling, menu options, layout, development, updates, other trinagon playgrounds under construction,  past and future etc ... of the game on this site.

    If you have questions (or answers :) ), ask them at the trinagon facebook page, or send lumpazy an email  (at least until  the curious-minds-forum is going live) 



    ® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019