The Curious Minds Community 

    Welcome !

    The Community center is still under construction ! 

    Here the vision of what it will become  :

    • The Forum, where you can exchange ideas, knowledge, opinions, hints, tutorials, ... 
      Once postings & logins appear it will grow. Please be patient :)

    • Puzzle Area for downloading, uploading & sharing puzzles and their solutions. 
      When the Registered Edition is published, the puzzle area goes live with base functionality and will be accessible for logged in users.
      The API & backend for direct game interaction with your own registered / full game edition & upload / download capabilities will be integrated there. 

    • Leaderboard : Every puzzle that has solutions shows who solved it & in how many moves.
      Uploaded solutions will not be available for download straight away (Spoiler).
      As soon as the solutions are released for download, only better solutions than the best can change the front display of the leaderboard. Of every player only the best solution will be stored to save space, just like in the game itself.

    • Resource Center :
      Links to resources / sites / videos that have anything to do with trinagon, even out on an extended limb. 
      E.g, if anybody has a good concept about 'how to solve' trinagon puzzles and made a video about it on youtube.
      or there is a cool thing that you realised and posted anywhere else that has a relationship with the game.
      The link would be posted there. 

      In case you find / made a resource that you think should be included, feel free to contact lucas - by email or in the forum.
      As soon as there are resources they will be listed.
    "Where would we get to, if everyone said : 'where would we get to ..' and noone went, to see, where we'd get to, if we went.'

    - Kurt Marti, (1921 - 2017), swiss pastor, writer, poet
    (translated from the german original : Wo kämen wir hin, wenn alle sagten, wo kämen wir hin, und keiner ginge, um zu sehen, wohin wir kämen, wenn wir gingen.)

    Freebies & special offers are shared in the community only. 
    Early release and other offers will come via the newsletter. It has a randomizer function to allow lotteries :)

    General offer : Mathematics and computer sciences for schools

    Trinagon puzzles, as a teaching resource about the many beautiful things that mathematics can be used for, can be given free to schools and teachers.

    To register as a school or teacher, please send an email to lucas, with details about your school and a short description how you'd wish to integrate trinagon.
    (maths puzzles (as is), computer science project ?, mathematical implications,  .... )
    Then maybe some extra material can be provided, and either the pro or the registered edition.
    As long as the software is strictly not made available outside your school, you can run the software on as many systems in school as you need. 
    That number will greatly depend on your intended use of the software. 


    Competitions also make it possible to win the latest released editions.

    Trinagon is a permutation puzzle game & game system.

    A puzzle system, because not just one single permutation puzzle can be played and solved over and over again, like the rubiks cube (which is great, by the way),
    but many different puzzles on many different playgrounds / surfaces can be created and played.

    The basic playground, where you can learn the principles of trinagon is a hexagon, divided into triangles. Read more ...

    Feel free to explore the game first (by downloading and playing the free puzzles) or read up on the details, features, handling, menu options, layout, development, updates, other trinagon playgrounds under construction,  past and future etc ... of the game on this site.

    If you have questions (or answers :) ), ask them at the trinagon facebook page, or send lumpazy an email  (at least until  the curious-minds-forum is going live) 



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