No Fool's Challenge

    The No Fool's Challenge :
    (Ends April 1st, 2021)

    Solve the Free Puzzles - Win 300€ and 200€ 


    The Free Edition (Trinagon 3Df - soon to be published) offers two prizes :

    • Win 300€ for solving all puzzles with the least sum of moves.
    • Win 200€ for solving the Icosahedron puzzle (on the right) with the least amount of moves.

    The challenge starts with the release of the 'Totally Free Edition' (May 2020) & ends April Fool's Day 2021 ! 

    How to join the "No Fool's Day " Puzzle Challenge :

    • Download the Free Edition of Trinagon (in May 2020)
      Free = No cost, No risk, No ads, No registration !
    • Play and learn the game. Solve those puzzles.
    • Whenever you set a new record*  -> Show the world and lumpazy your numbers - Share your records somewhere with your friends and with lumpazy**, so we may update the below numbers.

    In the Game Statistics you can keep track of the summed up number of moves your solutions needed.
    If  your solutions need less moves than displayed below, send yours by email.

    ALL 38 PUZZLES   Icosahedron
    1081 Moves   522 Moves
    Anonymous        Lumpazy

    Last Update : April 28, 2020

    Download & Join the Challenge completely free, on Mobile or Desktops !

    The summed up moves of all solutions for all may  less than 400 moves, and
    the solution for the Icosahedron alone is expected to be below 150 !  So, there is room for improvements :)

    The winners will naturally be asked to send in their solutions for verification (details in jan 2021).

    *  Within a week of having set the new record, you must publicly show your new achievement. This allows others to try and beat them.
    **  Please simply send an email to lumpazy with your two numbers. No personal details will be published (unless of course you wish some to be) alongside the numbers.

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