The No Fool's Challenge :
    (Ends April 1st, 2021)

    Solve the Free Puzzles - Win 300€ and 200€ 


    The Free Edition (Trinagon 3Df - soon to be published) offers two prizes :

    • Win 300€ for solving all puzzles with the least sum of moves.
    • Win 200€ for solving the Icosahedron puzzle (on the right) with the least amount of moves.

    The challenge starts with the release of the 'Totally Free Edition' (May 2020) & ends April Fool's Day 2021 ! 

    How to join the "No Fool's Day " Puzzle Challenge :

    • Download the Free Edition of Trinagon (in May 2020)
      Free = No cost, No risk, No ads, No registration !
    • Play and learn the game. Solve those puzzles.
    • Whenever you set a new record  -> Show the world* and lumpazy your numbers - Share your records somewhere with your friends and with lumpazy**, so we may update the below numbers.

    In the 'Game Statistics / Polyhedron Menu'  you can see the summed up number of moves your solutions needed.
    If  you wish to join the list below, send an email to lumpazy(**).

    Name (if given)  date ALL 38 PUZZLES   Icosahedron
    Reset - see below   7.6.20      

    Remark : The previously displayed numbers were taken off, because Lumpazy is obviously not allowed to participate :)

    Download & Join the Challenge completely free, on Mobile or Desktops !

    The summed up moves of all solutions for all is estimated at less than 400 moves, and
    the solution for the Icosahedron alone is expected to be below 150 !  So, there is room for improvements :)

    ** To be displayed above as a contender you are naturally asked to send in your solutions for verification. Just email with your numbers & ask for instructions. It's rather simple !
    * Within a week of having set the new record, please do publicly show your new achievement. This allows others to try and beat them.  And a bit of advertising can never hurt :)
    If you share any achievements to #trinagon on instagram, we'll enjoy them too.

    The Story of the Unsolvable Puzzle

    For demonstration purposes i once made the smallest possible unsolvable puzzle.
    It was used for a short giffy-'video' on instagram (on the right) to make a point :

    • Even if every triangle can occupy every place
    • and even if the triangle's orientations do not matter (without faces or directions in use), 
    • and even if only the relative positions were important (Trinagon uses absolute positions)

    a very simple puzzle can clearly be unsolvable. The symmetry doesn't allow it.
    (Puzzle : Tetra - #464543)

    Once you stop trying to solve it, and instead start thinking about it, you'll quickly understand why the endposition really can not be reached.

    This puzzle somehow has found it's way into the free Edition puzzles !!
    There is a very similar and very easy puzzle that looks the same. The two got exchanged.
    The intention was NOT to never have to pay the 200€ & 300€ prices.

    To make up for this error, as of June 7 2020 i made a new puzzle for the duo-tetrahedron, with a similar but solvable challenge.
    The unsolvable puzzle is still left in the game. (Update 2.44++)
    The current contender for the price ("Daringlingo") pointed out that this one can not be solved !
    Even though it was not meant as an extra challenge, she solved that one excellently :)  Thumbs up !
    She already has the full game, and No, the Promo Codes are not available any more ;)

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