Cheat Sheets

    Gameplay was designed to be fluid and fast and adjustable to your preferences.

    This is the basic gameplay cheatsheet (in the game under 'Help') :

    And here's a picture of the in-Game Interface cheatsheet :


    There are also double tap functions assigned to the buttons : 

    • Left / Right arrow : move all the way back / forward.
    • Solution button as explained in the tutorial, return to play = double tap.
    • Shuffle button double tap goes to previous puzzle.
      Note that the filter you could have set in the puzzle-menu is active.
      E.g. if you chose to only select only puzzles with two colors and faces on, then this button will go through that selection. It's a convenient way of browsing through a certain type of puzzle.
    • Restart : Same as the shuffle, but going to the next puzzle instead.


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