First Contact - Gameplay CheatSheet

    On first contact : Have patience with yourself, and take it easy. New things need not be rushed.
    When the game starts the first time, you are offered (and advised) to go through the handling tutorial.

    Here's a quick cheat sheet for those who need to dive in straight away (in opposition to the above. But hey, that's ok too) :

    Goal :  Arrange the triangles in the solution pattern. 

    Press this solutionbutton to see the solution. Click anywhere else, to keep playing.
    To move the triangles around, you click on the balls between them. 

    Handling :
    • Turn triangles clockwise : left mouse click / or single touchscreen tap.
    • Turn triangles anticlockwise (Counter-clockwise, CCW) : single right click / double tap on touchscreens.
    • Solution pattern : tick symbol button on upper left.
    • Open game menu : menu button, upper right
    • Restart : button with the hexagonal circle symbol on the right.
    • Shuffle : button with the crossed over double arrow, on the left.
    • Undo / Redo moves : arrow buttons left & right. doubleclick / tap  goes all the way back / forward.
    • Drag moves of the above : drag left = clockwise, drag right - counterclockwise
    What the tutorial does NOT tell you :) - see special handling
    • Zoom in /out  =  mouse wheel / pinch.
    • The board can be rolled / turned for different perspectives.
    • Double click on the background will bring it back to the original position / orientation.
    You are encouraged to play around with the options in the menu : menubutton<- This is the menu button :)

    The settings fit most setups / systems, but may need adjusting for you & your hardware.

    There is now a manual ... it can tell you what you may look for, if you let it.

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