Why no ads ?

    You may have realized that there are NO ADS on this site, nor does and will any version of Trinagon show you advertising. (Use this to discover a copy of the game :))blah

    Here is why : 

    This game intends to create clarity of thought & focus. Instead of mindless entertainment, we wish for mindful entertainment.

    The joy of applying your intelligence instead of mindless tapping on the screen. The joy of understanding and achieving something. Not even necessarily proving yourself against someone else, but proving yourself to you.
    There is a value, that cannot be paid or bought !

    Obviously, advertising, which is the artform of subconsciously influencing people into wanting something, that you want them to want, would be at best a nuisance & distraction, and clearly opposed to the above intention.
    (Let's not get into the 'at worst' of advertising ....)

    Trinagon has a free game edition (Trinagon 3Df, replacing the older 'Trinagon Sample'), and i sincerely hope that your time deciding to like it (or not) is not wasted.

    Even if you don't, i believe you have gained something in the process. A few seconds of trying something new, a riddle that is not obvious, a spark to start a new way of spatial perception & thinking, or maybe just some nice pictures ?
    Trinagon certainly also has gained something too, because you gave it the chance to show you its wonders. They may not be for you. Thats ok. We all gained something, either way.
    If you like it (love it ?! ) and decide to buy the base / registered or pro game edition. Even better for both of us :)

    Following this conviction, Trinagon or Trinagon.com do NOT waste your time and mindspace by throwing ads in your face !
    nor does an edition collect personal data for advertising purposes of any kind.

    Data is stored exclusively for direct user interaction on the page (i.e. your alias is connected to an email account) and we do / will not share this data with anyone, and do our best to protect it from outside access.

    We think this game is truly great, and we believe that we're selling it for much less than it can be worth to you.
    We believe that your gain from solving these puzzles by far outshines the money spent, and it's never paid in money anyways.
    It's value comes from effort and time and thinking. It is a value you create, and we thank you for it.
    Enjoy creating :)


    Since we do believe this game to be more than worth it, we ask you to please refrain from copying / sharing the paid editions.

    Updates & any further developement can not continue without your support.

    If you like this game and you have been given a copy of the purchased editions,  please do everyone a favour and support this game, by buying it too !
    Then we can & will make it better !


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