PC, Mac & Linux Free Editions

    Free Edition for Pc, iMac & Linux

    Finally the new 3D release is available in the free edition for standalone devices below ... sorry it took so long.
    There are 15 puzzles on 3 playgrounds included, which are not all playable, because your level is limited to 2. still you can play them as long as you do not close the menu
    There's got to be an incentive to buy the real thing.
    Enjoy !! 

    Windows Installer   :

    Trinagon3DFree 2.04 Windows2.04


    Mac (unsigned) :

    The File is not signed yet. The signing process is too tedious on mac for a beta release.. 
    Just open the app, and confirm that you want to open it, and open it again .... (doohhh mac).

    Trinagon3D free Mac2.04

    Linux Distribution (Beta release) :

    as a gzipped tar file. (unsigned)
    Trinagon3D free Linux2.04
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