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    Enjoy playing (android or PC) :

    Trinagon MiniGame Xmas2019 
    Light the candles and post a screenshot of your solution to trinagons facebook page or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get a free promo code (apple or android) :
    Some functionality on Web-GL / Online Play is limited !  E.g. sharing & copying moves will not work !



    Many browsers (&ios) do not support 3D gameplay !

    --> Download the free or full app instead !

    Trinagon 3D Free Edition

    IOS does NOT support WebGL online 3D graphics play!  Download the free game instead..
    Some other functionality, like sharing & text copying is generally limited.

    There are some advantages & limitations : 

    • Play it now ! - just for a peek. No Install needed.
    • You can NOT share your solution from the browser - It just won't do anything.
    • Maybe not all browsers will support the game. see WebGL.
    • You may have to start from scratch sometimes ! - The first time this is strongly advised anyways !! 

    Online game serving is data - intensive.
    As long as the server can do it without big delays the free game will remain online.
    Instead of coming back - download the game ! - and feel free to show your elegant solutions to the world.



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