Published Editions

    The 'Totally Free Edition'  : "Trinagon 3Df "



    Available for Android & Desktop (Win, Linux)
    It is actually REALLY FREE.  No cost, No ads, No tracking, No risk. All the fun.

    Join the 'No Fool's Challenge' to win 500€  when you solve the free puzzles.
    The free Edition offers 38 Puzzles and all the Tutorials. 

    Everything is the same, except that you only(?)  get 5 playgrounds with fewer puzzles (38), which are also a bit harder in their progression.
    The Icosahedron is still unsolved by the public !  - You can be the first to show your skill. It won't be easy at all !


    Trinagon 3D Base Game (paid download) :

    The game includes more than 444 puzzles (and more to come with many an update), on 17 different playgrounds.
    To play through the game, an experienced puzzler will likely need 4+ months of joyful und surprising puzzle play.

    • You can play this for a year and still learn something new every day !
      Watch yourself developing new thinking pathways, and improve your skills.



    Also available on Amazon's App Store. (Picture following) and on Leia's Red Hydrogen (Holographic 3D View =  '4V')

    Feel Free to approach Lumpazy with questions &
    Do give it great reviews & a 5 Star Rating  &
    Enjoy puzzling !

    If you have questions, email me at lumpazy@... here

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