Mobile Edition

    Trinagon 3D  :

    The game includes more than 400 puzzles (and more to come with every update), on 16 different playgrounds.
    To just unlock all levels and get through the game, an experienced puzzler will likely need 4 months, of joyful und surprising puzzle play.

    • News :  Currently 50% off. 
      Trinagon is good for you. You can play this for a year and still learn something new every day ! 
      The newly released 'totally refurbished game should soon be coming out on Google play.
    • On apples App Store the app is currently paused, due to a problem with the review process *. 
      Please be patient, as we all have to be, and it should be back again :)

    for  Android Version 8 or higher & Ios 9 or above.
    Remark : on Adnroid sharing to instagram is currently not possible (version 2.040). A selfmade screenshot is your best option until the next update.

    Feel Free to giveit great reviews & a 5 Star Rating !! & Enjoy puzzling !

    If you have questions, email me at lumpazy@... here

    Trinagon MonoIco - the Single Icosahedron challenge:

    On the Google Play Store is also an old and free edition of the Icosahedron challenge game - It's still unsolved. NO - ONE has yet managed to solve it (except it's creator of course)
    It has not been updated, and does not have all the features, but still shows the game well enough. -- enjoy it for free.

    Trinagon 3Df - The free edition : 

    The upkeep of a free edition has proven to be excessively demanding for it's return (none - since it was really free:)) - currently you can try the game on your desktop in the browser, or download and install it on PC,Mac & Linux.
    Also the online Playable version is not updated and because it did not include the tutorial, offline for now. 
    The updates of the real game more than make up for that lack, i hope !

    ad. Apple App Store Review Problem :
    In the last update i set the game to half price for the duration of people's isolation in many parts of the world.
    I did mention this in the metadata as i released the update.
    The next morning the update was live, which was really fast.
    One small bug in the Icosahedron menu made me update the game on the day after again, with the same metadata / texts.

    This time the same text with the reference to half price due to corona isolation was seen to be against some review guidelines, i.e. 'offensive'.
    Even though i cannot actually see where the text went against these guidlines, i immediately changed these texts for that update, and submitted it for review..
    On the next day, instead of reviewing the updated text, apples team took the game with the previous text off the store.

    The game & update with the text that was changed as requested was and still is waiting to go through review, and the game currently off the store.
    Maybe i should mention that there is no possibility to go back to a previous version. So i could not actually simple take the 'offensive' text off the game and change it.

    So. Let's learn the lesson :
    Big machines do not work very well with processing information, because decisions are made on one end, without the accurate information that the other end of the machine already has or had.
    Scaling this up to the level of nations we can see one of the problems we are facing with the 'corona-crisis'.
    Transparency of information, and a clear system of fact checking that is accessible without any restrictions, may at some point in the future lead us all to be able to trust in those big machines again.
    This would incredibly increase the effectiveness of any national measures, since everyone could check and therefore understand that the desicions for those have a solid foundation.

    Enjoy playing the game anyway.
    Should you already have downloaded version 2.4000 on ios - do not play the icosahedron, since there the menu will mess up the game.
    A restart does help, or simply double tap on on the lower right menubutton to change to another playground.
    With version 2.4001 the bug in the icosahedron is fixed.


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