Trinagon Games editions - planned and current :

    • Base Game Edition  (published November 2019)
      The Base edition is the currently best edition to be had, with currently 400+ puzzles and more to come.
      You also get some added features (e.g. for saving games and puzzle solutions). This should keep you floating for a while.
      Actually the assumption is that noone will have played through all the puzzles with 3 skill points by the time the next edition will be released !

      Hexagon Puzzle Editor
    • Registered edition  (..Future .. ) :
      Will be linked to your personal online account on the server, where you can download new puzzles and upload your solutions.
      This edition will be released when the puzzle-server api is online & ready.

    • The Full / Pro edition : for experienced users. ...  It may be that this edition will already be included in the 'registered edition'. 
      includes the puzzle editor (on the right)  
      You can make your own puzzles, upload & share them on the server and challenge others to solve them.
      Every shared puzzle has its own leaderboard, and can win to become part of the Base & Free Editions too.

    • Editor alone : There is talk about releasing the editor as a single unit, for enthusiasts, and also free.
      Anyone who creates puzzles is actively contributing, and this should be rewarded. Active Editors who send their fabulous puzzles would get promo codes to distribute among their friends.

    Remark : The previous Free Edition has been published from 8.2.2019 to 7.1.2020.
    It has proven to be to much effort keeping up an extra edition that does not pay for itself, and gives away either too much or too little or both.  The base edition will be free with In-app purchasing in the future. 
    First publish date was : 8.2.2019. / First PreRelease (Beta) on mobiles 25.03.19

    Other platforms :

    The game is currently available for mobiles & tablets in the play store and app store.
    Tell us if you want trinagon on another playground. Some ideas are already waiting for their creation.

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