Base Edition

    Get the Base Edition : - For a dime - when it's released ! 

    On the App Store IS the newest TEST - Version - Via Apples Testflight-App.
    If you can't wait for the release email lumpazy@ThisSiteRightHere  and you can be added as a tester !
    Then it's even for free !
    A bit of feedback will be appreciated instead :)

    Added Features : 

    • 150 hexagon puzzles (more with updates)Icosahedron
    • Actual difficult puzzles . there are some challenges.
    • Save your game / puzzle in progress. 
    • Save your solution. 
    • Copy your solution to the clipboard to send as a text file.Maybe your solution will be listed on this site as the best :) 
    • When released, the 3D Playgrounds will be included  !!!

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