The 'Totally Free Edition'  : "Trinagon 3Df "



    Available for Android & Desktop (Win, Linux)
    It is actually REALLY FREE.  No cost, No ads, No tracking, No risk. All the fun.

    Join the 'No Fool's Challenge' to win 500€  when you solve the free puzzles.
    The free Edition offers 38 Puzzles and all the Tutorials. 

    Everything is the same, except that you only(?)  get 5 playgrounds with fewer puzzles (38), which are also a bit harder in their progression.
    The Icosahedron is still unsolved by the public !  - You can be the first to show your skill. It won't be easy at all !


    Trinagon 3D Base Game (paid download) :

    The game includes more than 444 puzzles (and more to come with many an update), on 17 different playgrounds.
    To play through the game, an experienced puzzler will likely need 4+ months of joyful und surprising puzzle play.

    • You can play this for a year and still learn something new every day !
      Watch yourself developing new thinking pathways, and improve your skills.



    Also available on Amazon's App Store. (Picture following) and on Leia's Red Hydrogen (Holographic 3D View =  '4V')

    Feel Free to approach Lumpazy with questions &
    Do give it great reviews & a 5 Star Rating  &
    Enjoy puzzling !

    If you have questions, email me at lumpazy@... here

    Trinagon Games editions - planned and current :

    • Base Game Edition  (published November 2019)
      The Base edition is the currently best edition to be had, with currently 400+ puzzles and more to come.
      You also get some added features (e.g. for saving games and puzzle solutions). This should keep you floating for a while.
      Actually the assumption is that noone will have played through all the puzzles with 3 skill points by the time the next edition will be released !

      Hexagon Puzzle Editor
    • Totally Free Edition : Publish date May 2020 !
      Join in and start solving puzzles without risk, ads or tracking. Enjoy your freedom.
      You may even win the No-Fools-Day Challenge.
      The Free edition was paused, but now its back, Better than ever ! - Including a free Challenge to enter and win
      (published from 8.2.2019 to 7.1.2020.. Republish date May2020)

    • Registered edition  (..Future .. ) :
      Will be linked to your personal online account on the server, where you can download new puzzles and upload your solutions.
      This edition will be released when the puzzle-server api is online & ready.

    • The Full / Pro edition : for experienced users. ...  It may be that this edition will already be included in the 'registered edition'. 
      includes the puzzle editor (on the right)  
      You can make your own puzzles, upload & share them on the server and challenge others to solve them.
      Every shared puzzle has its own leaderboard, and can win to become part of the Base & Free Editions too.

    • Editor alone : There is talk & thought going on about releasing the editor as a single unit, for enthusiasts, and maybe also free.
      Anyone who creates puzzles is actively contributing, and this should be rewarded. Work to be done :)

    Other platforms :

    The game is already available for mobiles & tablets in the play store and app store.
    The Desktop Editions are soon released on can distribute paid, or by donation and free.  

    The Free Edition is the one where your efforts can reward you also with 500€
    If you are doing well here, consider joining the
    Quest for the Best Solutions !

    Many browsers (eg. on mobile devices) do not support 3D gameplay !

    --> Download the free or full app instead !

    Mobiles do NOT support WebGL online 3D graphics play!  Download the free game instead..
    Some other functionality, like sharing & text copying is generally limited.

    There are some advantages & limitations : 

    • Play it now ! - just for a peek. No Install needed.
    • You can NOT share your solution from the browser - It just won't do anything.
    • Maybe not all browsers will support the game. see WebGL.
    • You may have to start from scratch sometimes ! - The first time this is strongly advised anyways !! 

    Online game serving is data - intensive.
    As long as the server can do it without big delays the free game will remain online.
    Instead of coming back - download the game ! - and feel free to show your elegant solutions to the world.


    Older Trinagon Games

    Trinagon MiniGame Xmas2019 
    Light the candles and post a screenshot of your solution to trinagons facebook page or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get a free promo code (apple or android) :
    Some functionality on Web-GL / Online Play is limited !  E.g. sharing & copying moves will not work !





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