Trinagon 3D  :

    The game includes more than 400 puzzles (and more to come with every update), on 16 different playgrounds.
    To just unlock all levels and get through the game, an experienced puzzler will likely need 4 months, of joyful und surprising puzzle play.

    AppleAppStore3D GetGooglePlayStore
    for  Android Version 8 or higher & Ios 9 or above.
    Remark : on Adnroid sharing to instagram is currently not possible (version 2.040). A selfmade screenshot is your best option until the next update.

    Feel Free to giveit great reviews & a 5 Star Rating !! & Enjoy puzzling !

    If you have questions, email me at lumpazy@... here

    Trinagon MonoIco - the Single Icosahedron challenge:

    On the Google Play Store is also an old and free edition of the Icosahedron challenge game - It's still unsolved. NO - ONE has yet managed to solve it.
    It has not been updated, and does not have all the features, but still shows the game well enough. -- enjoy it for free.

    Trinagon 3Df - The free edition : 

    The upkeep of a free edition has proven to be excessively demanding for it's return (none - since it was really free:)) - currently you can try the game on your desktop in the browser, or download and install it on PC,Mac & Linux.

    Enjoy playing (android or PC) :

    Trinagon MiniGame Xmas2019 
    Light the candles and post a screenshot of your solution to trinagons facebook page or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get a free promo code (apple or android) :
    Some functionality on Web-GL / Online Play is limited !  E.g. sharing & copying moves will not work !



    Many browsers (&ios) do not support 3D gameplay !

    --> Download the free or full app instead !

    Trinagon 3D Free Edition

    IOS does NOT support WebGL online 3D graphics play!  Download the free game instead..
    Some other functionality, like sharing & text copying is generally limited.

    There are some advantages & limitations : 

    • Play it now ! - just for a peek. No Install needed.
    • You can NOT share your solution from the browser - It just won't do anything.
    • Maybe not all browsers will support the game. see WebGL.
    • You may have to start from scratch sometimes ! - The first time this is strongly advised anyways !! 

    Online game serving is data - intensive.
    As long as the server can do it without big delays the free game will remain online.
    Instead of coming back - download the game ! - and feel free to show your elegant solutions to the world.



    Free Edition for Pc, iMac & Linux

    Finally the new 3D release is available in the free edition for standalone devices below ... sorry it took so long.
    There are 15 puzzles on 3 playgrounds included, which are not all playable, because your level is limited to 2. still you can play them as long as you do not close the menu
    There's got to be an incentive to buy the real thing.
    Enjoy !! 

    Windows Installer   :

    Trinagon3DFree 2.04 Windows2.04


    Mac (unsigned) :

    The File is not signed yet. The signing process is too tedious on mac for a beta release.. 
    Just open the app, and confirm that you want to open it, and open it again .... (doohhh mac).

    Trinagon3D free Mac2.04

    Linux Distribution (Beta release) :

    as a gzipped tar file. (unsigned)
    Trinagon3D free Linux2.04
    ® Trinagon © Lucas Pradlwarter. Austria. All Rights Reserved. Impressum 2019